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Art Heals FEsTiVAL 2020

August 27th-31st, 2020

 (Due to COVID-19 Dates are Subject To Change)

The Art Heals Festival is a  Social Justice Arts Festival that will be held from August 27-31, 2020 in multiple venues on the East side of  Austin, Texas by WhatsintheMirror.  As a multi-disciplinary festival, Art Heals Festival features art events, panel discussions, speakers, and workshops addressing local social justice issues including  eliminating HIV and mental health stigma.

They are looking for provocative, radical, inspiring, empowering, innovative and/or enlightening works from across the artistic media (ie film, poetry, performing arts, music, visual arts and anything else you consider art). Proposals must address local social justice/activist/human rights issues.  

Their multiple venues allow for projects of diverse size and scale. they encourage projects that are co-created or co-produced by an artist together with an organization involved in social justice pursuits (though this is not a requirement)

Art Heals Festival Goals:

The Art Heals Festival aims to create a forum for dialogue and collaboration between diverse communities united by an interest in local social justice issues and to support the community of progressive artists, activists and community workers.

The Art HEALS Festival is a project of WhatsintheMirror — a 501c3 non-profit organization and healing justice social movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness to communities of color through art, advocacy, and affirming care with a focus on women, youth, LGBTQIA+ persons . They are committed to producing and promoting socially relevant art that encourages and affirms the values of dignity, freedom, equality and social justice.

Art Heals Festival encourages artists and curators at any stage in their career to submit a proposal.

All chosen artists will receive honorariums.

How to Submit

 Art Heals Festival Proposals:  (max. of 2 proposals per person or collective)
Please Click on the Link Below:



Art HEALS Festival is committed to meaningful involvement of Persons Living with HIV and mental health conditions as well as diverse communities within the LGBTQIA spectrum. 

Hard Copy Submissions:
SEND TO: WhatsintheMIrror 2312 Western Trails Suite 

Austin, TX  78745

ATTN: Art Heals Festival  Submissions Committee

***DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: April, 30  2020***

WhatsintheMIrror will not accept responsibility for damage/loss to support material.

For more information: email tarikdaniels@whatsinthemirrror.org, info@whatsinthemirror.org or visit www.whatsinthemirror.org


Support Our Healing Justice Movement 2020

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Whatsinthemirror? is a 501c3 non-profit organization and healing justice social movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness to communities of color through art, advocacy, and affirming care with a focus on women, youth, LGBTQIA+ persons.

In 2020, Whatsinthemirror? will launch The Arts Heal Project, a healing justice movement focused on the intersectionality of mental health and HIV Prevention/Persons Living with HIV/AIDS through advocacy, art, and affirming care to marginalized communities. By giving, your donation will be going towards our programming and outreach efforts.Those who also donate over $100 for Giving Tuesday will be eligible for VIP ticket reservations for next years’ 5th Annual A Night of Love.Next years’ event will commemorate our year of success and growth with dinner, drinks, and a live performances.

The Art Heals Project

Launched January 2020


The Art Heals Project is a healing justice movement focused on the intersectionality of mental health and HIV Prevention/PWLHA through advocacy, art, and affirming care to marginalized communities. The Art Heals Project will consist of four components including 1) Healing Justice Peer Support Groups designed for People living with HIV/AIDS on topics around HIV related and mental wellness stigma. 2) Affirming Care Pathways that will consist of a direct care pathways for People Living with HIV/AIDS including mental wellness providers, HIV prevention providers/organizations, health centers, telehealth providers, primary care providers dedicated to cultural competency and the model of healing justice framework. 3) Social Media, Print, Billboard Campaign focused on the intersectionality of mental wellness and HIV Prevention/People Living with HIV/AIDS through creative, healing, and cultural responsiveness. 4) Southern HIV Awareness Day Arts Heals Festival that will happen on Southern HIV Awareness Day 

CIty of Austin Proclamation


LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

On September 19th, 2019, Whatsinthmirror? received the proclamation for LGBTQIA+ Suicide Prevention Awareness Day in the City of Austin!

Congratulations to our WINNERS!!

1st Place Winner- Chronicles of the Barrio- Liza Nepa

2nd Place Winner- Veils of Justice- T. Antares

3rd Place Winner- Daniel/Danielle- William Robert Carey

Stage Reading Announcement Coming Soon

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Austin Texas First Comprehensive Mental Wellness Database for People of Color

We are in the early stages of creating the first comprehensive database of mental wellness contributors for people of color. This database will include therapists, clinicians, organizations, physical health providers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, holistic providers, public speakers, life coaches, counselors, university services, etc. ITS TIME TO  CREATE THE PATHWAY TO MENTAL WELLNESS TO PEOPLE OF COLOR. Please send else detail information about your services to help navigate the community in the right direction. Email link above. Your support and contributions during this time will enable us to meet our goals of continuing to provide mental health awareness to the community. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Who We Are

Press Release



June 1, 2019

Contact: Tarik Daniels, Executive Director/Founder




“Using art and advocacy to end the stigma of mental health”

 Social Movement bringing Mental Health Awareness to People of Color

AUSTIN, TEXAS-Whatsinthemirror? is a 501c3 non-profit organization and social movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities. They focus on marginalized communities that includes women, LGBTQIA+, and youth.

The organization was created in Austin, Texas by Founder and Executive Director Tarik Daniels in October, 2015. “I saw a need to merge my two passions together with my background in non-profit organization and being a performing artist and writer. I truly believe that mental health is a topic and idea that has this stigma that needs to be removed. We need to enlightened our communities about the alarming numbers of suicide rates and educate on mental health and suicide prevention. It’s time to begin the conversation and do the work. Spreading love and kindness is key. We are the prevention”. Our board members include Tenee Goff, President,  and Eric Edmonson, Treasurer. Current members includes Grant Loveless, Vice-President, Jarryd Goff, Audrea Belcher, Tsehynesh Namibia, and Yolanda Daniels.

Whatsinthemirror? canvasses and advocates in target neighborhoods throughout East Austin. It has participated in Million Man March Rally at Givens Park, Juneteenth Health Fair. First Saturdays at The George Washington Carver Museum 2016-present , Sundays in the Park at Givens Park, Suicide Prevention Workshop at THE Q AUSTIN,NAMI Walk 2016,2017, 12th Street Return and Discover Fair, Children's Mental Health Day 2016-2019, Gender Revolution 2017-2019, Austin Urban Health Fest 2017, 2018, and countless other events to promote awareness. The Counseling Session (play)was our first big project as an organization with an attendance over 400 people during a six show run. It was a sponsored project of the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and Austin Creative Alliance. Other sponsors included Austin Black Pride, Capitol View Arts, Rain Nightclub, and Proyecto Teatro. In addition, it has produce the plays, Rose University in 2017 and Sukey, The Mermaid, And the Gullah Island in 2018. Future projects includes our 3rd Annual A Night of Love, coming in October 2018. We create targeted programming and collaborate with mental health clinicians throughout Central Texas that includes support groups, one on one sessions, peer groups, etc. 

Whatsinthemirror? is proudly a part of the Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Greater Austin of Black Chamber of Commerce. 

As an organization we are always seeking funding and assistance in continuing to make our mission a reality. If any organizations or community member would like to get involved or partner as well as donate with us please contact us via email, whatsinthemirror.org@gmail.com or through our website, www.whatsinthemirror.org or any of social media platforms at Facebook, Twitter, and  


Upcoming Events

Self Love, Self Esteem Extravangza


Brought to you by Whatsinthemirror? And  Braidmasquerades. Join us for an evening that will include a Hair and Fashion Show with Skits and Performances. Promoting Self Love and Self Esteem with Inner Peace 


Mental Health Awareness Month


Teen Summit

Every Year, Whatsinthemirror has a Children Mental Health Day in support of Mental Health Awareness Month. This year we decided to focus on Teens and their mental health. Join us for a day of enlightenment and awareness. We will have a Teen Panel, Performances, Speakers, and more.

MAY 4, 2019

1:00-4:00 pm

George Washington Carver Museum